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Neuromodulators in Boston,MA

Neuromodulators, including well-known brands like Botox and Dysport, are injectable treatments designed to temporarily relax facial muscles, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This service operates by blocking nerve signals to the muscles, which prevents them from contracting and forming wrinkles. Although both Botox and Dysport work on the same principle, they differ in their formulation and may have slightly varying onset times and diffusion rates, making one more suitable than the other based on location and desired outcome. Common areas treated include the forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet), and between the eyebrows. This treatment is suitable for individuals looking to address signs of aging or prevent the formation of wrinkles. Results typically become visible within a few days, reaching full effect within two weeks, and can last anywhere from three to four months.

For those considering enhancing their appearance with minimal downtime, Angel Face Injections in Boston, MA, offers expert Neuromodulator treatments, including Botox and Dysport. Our skilled professionals ensure a comfortable experience with results that speak for themselves. Whether you’re looking to smooth existing lines or prevent new ones from forming, we invite you to book your appointment today and discover the benefits for yourself.

Common Treatment Areas

Forehead (frown lines)

Botox/Dysport treats horizontal forehead lines and glabellar “11” lines between the eyes with targeted injections.

Crow's Feet (around eyes)

Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are smoothed with Botox/Dysport injections.


Botox/Dysport addresses nose wrinkles, lifts the nose tip, and reduces nostril flaring through precise injections.

Brow Lift

Elevating the eyebrow and enhancing eye openness, Botox/Dysport creates a higher arch with strategic application.


To diminish chin dimpling and prevent lip downturn, Botox/Dysport is applied in the chin area.

Gummy Smile

Botox/Dysport relaxes the upper lip to hide gums during smiling, with a lip flip recommended for optimal results.

Lip Flip

A fuller lip appearance is achieved by relaxing the upper lip with Botox/Dysport, ideal with lip fillers for extended results.

Masseters (jaw)

Botox/Dysport slims the face and alleviates teeth grinding and jaw clenching with injections in the jaw area.

Temple Lift

Botox/Dysport injections rejuvenate the temples, subtly lifting and smoothing the area for a refreshed appearance.

Neck Lift

To achieve a smoother, more youthful neck, Botox/Dysport is carefully administered, reducing the appearance of lines and sagging.


Good candidates for Neuromodulators are individuals seeking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, with no history of allergic reactions to any components of the treatment.
Results from Neuromodulator treatments typically become noticeable within 3-5 days, with full effects visible at two weeks.
The effects of Neuromodulator treatments usually last between three to four months, after which many clients choose to have follow-up treatments.
There is minimal to no downtime following Neuromodulator injections. Side effects, if any, are usually mild and can include temporary bruising or swelling at the injection site.
Before treatment, avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements to reduce the risk of bruising. After treatment, avoid rubbing the treated areas and engaging in heavy physical activity for 24 hours to ensure the product stays localized.
During a Neuromodulator treatment, small amounts of the product are injected into targeted areas using a fine needle. The procedure is quick, typically lasting around 10-20 minutes, and discomfort is minimal.

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